2019 VANCH Set sailing and share the future

Use a pair of bright eyes to see the beauty of the Year of the Pig,

Create a wealth of the Year of the Pig with a pair of hardworking hands.

Use a tolerant heart to meet the joy of the Year of the Pig,

Warm the scenery of the Year of the Pig with a big smile.

We wish all of you have a happy Year of the Pig!

January 19, 2019

VANCH Intelligent held an annual event at the Grand Hotel.

Year-end Summary Meeting and New Year's Greetings

we can't wait to come to the scene.

Look at us

Handsome guy and beauty host

(as you look serious, you looks more beautiful)

The 2018 year-end summary meeting was about to begin.

Please friends at present listen to Host seriously

It was full of achievements and gains of 2018.

Year-end summary meeting

At the beginning of the conference, the heads of various departments such as CEO Mr.Cheng,

Vice director Mr.Song, Sales Director Mrs.Sara and Purchasing Director Mr. Wei came to sum up the work of the year 2018!


VANCH Sales Team swearing

This is an indispensable part for VANCH sales team every year. The sales department's colleagues set a sale target for the next year to show their motivation.



Do you know why the eyes grow in front?

Because instead of always looking back on the past,

It is better to put the goal on tomorrow.

Next, we want to post our VANCH Group Photo.

Hey! ! !

Next is the most exciting moment

The most exciting is dinner time.

Annual show performance + sweepstakes! !

Gala & Happy Conference

The host's refreshing opening remarks inspiring all of us.

CEO, Mr. Cheng sent you a blessing and expectation for the new year. I hope that everyone can set sail and share the future.

Enjoy dinner, Enjoy party, Enjoy happiness

Our lovely friends were waiting quietly for opening

Dance: Grab the money, la la la

Our younger beauty led the company's leaders to take the stage to perform "grab money dance".

In the next year, in 2019, everyone was full of money, counting money till your hand tired.

This young man has been unable to live on his own and wants to go on stage to show his talents.

Hand dance

2019 dont forget initial heart, go ahead together.

Nunchaku + skewer - R & D department

Quickly use nunchakus to scream. If I waved, I was afraid of myself

Poetry reading - Finance Department

Stage style was natural and generous,

The sound was gentle and magnetic.

Relaxed,Or as a flowing water to moisten the mind.

Receive a prize~

Don't just bury your head to eat, but also go to the stage to get the award!

Shake up the prize box

Some Oven, some rice cooker, some luggage, and a $1,000 cash bonus

(Not much to say, I am going for the red envelope of the thousand yuan)

One Night In Beijing—— singer Mr. Liu

One night in beijing, I left a lot of love~~

There is also a key point here: VANCH has a potential stock that can sing and dance.

Trouble please the organizer, Be sure to call him to perform at the next annual meeting or event! !

"The Sea" - singer CEO Mr. Cheng

The sea is ordinary and usual.

But the sea is so encouraging,

There is a kind of charm and a feeling of no competition.

Huawei tablet pad, and there are various cash red envelope,

Quilt, rice, oil, ticket voucher, phone voucher.

I can not count it more.

Hard work and hard work, laid a remarkable performance;

Strive and sweat, achieved the glory of the work;

2019, weaving great dreams;

2019, singing a happy chapter;

In the new year, I hope everyone will continue to do so.

Set sail and share the future!

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