RFID Mother and Child Identification and Anti-theft Management

System background

Newborn babies are born every day in the hospital. For every family and parents, this new life is the most precious asset. However, the newborn babies are similar in appearance and lack the ability of language and understanding, so they cannot communicate with the outside world. According to the statistics report of the medical department, the wrong holding and theft of babies in maternity hospitals occur from time to time. These incidents not only cause serious psychological trauma to the parties concerned, but also damage the reputation of the hospital and even face lawsuits and financial compensation. The RFID baby identification anti-theft system is safe and reliable. It not only has all-round area monitoring, including the real-time location and tracking function of labels and the area location capability of events, but also has fast response speed to alarm events. Therefore, in terms of newborn management, the hospital can not only monitor the position of babies wearing anti-theft tags in real time, track and record the movement of babies, and can more effectively implement monitoring and protection, but also locate the location of the incident immediately when an alarm event occurs, so as to timely prevent the occurrence of theft events, thus being beneficial to protecting the safety of newborns and preventing babies from being held wrong or stolen.

System principle

The baby and the mother wear wristbands, the baby wristbands contain active long-distance RFID tags, the mother wristbands contain active short-distance RFID tags, and once the baby wristbands are worn, if the baby wristbands are taken off again, the active tags will send out alarm information through the system. Moreover, the wristband has waterproof and moisture-proof treatment. The active RFID of the baby is used to systematically identify its range of motion, and the handheld card reader is used to visually identify the pairing relationship for close examination of the baby and the mother.

As for the number of wristbands, several pairs can be made according to the number of rooms and beds in the mother and infant room (multiple pairs can be set in each room, and some additional temporary matching cards can be set to meet the situation of insufficient rooms and temporary arrangement). Card readers are arranged in the activity space for collecting information of infants. Positioners (adjustable distance, 3-8m) are installed in each room where the baby is located, and long-distance card readers (20m) are installed in corridor corridors. Each baby wristband information will be automatically uploaded to the application software management subsystem for data processing. At the important peripheral passage, it is designed in such a way that only authorized personnel can enter and leave. To prevent irrelevant personnel from entering and leaving at will to the greatest extent.

System function

1. Real-time location of infant area:

The area where babies and medical personnel wearing positioning tags are located can be located in real time and displayed on the monitoring end map.

2. Regional infant population statistics and electronic roll call:

Counting the number of babies that should be born and the number of babies that actually exist in each region in real time, and prompting the name or number of babies that leave.

3. Baby search:

The name or tag number of the baby can be entered at the monitoring terminal to find the current position of the designated baby or the mother of the baby.

4. Disappear Alarm:

The system can focus on monitoring certain infants and find corresponding alarms when the tags leave the designated area or are cleared.

5. Alarm for crossing or leaving the border:

Some areas belong to important areas, such as some stair exits, corridors or hospital gates. The system will give an alarm when unauthorized labeled babies or medical personnel appear in these areas. It is also possible to set certain infants in certain areas not to leave the area within the set time and leave or disappear the system alarm, such as the baby room. If the baby leaves the room without authorization, the system will give an alarm.

6. Residence time and alarm:

Some special areas can be set, and the system will give an alarm when the baby or mother enters such areas and stays for more than a certain time. By preventing some accidents.

7. Track playback:

You can query the movement track of a certain baby in a certain period of time in the past and which areas this label has been to in this period of time.

8. Video linkage:

A camera can be bound to each positioning device, and the video of the area where the positioning device is located can be called by clicking the positioning device map on the map at the monitoring end. When there is a specific alarm, the system will automatically call up the video of the alarm area.

9. Temporary authorization of labels:

When an infant needs to enter an important area temporarily or the infant needs to leave the infant room temporarily, temporary authorization can be given in the system to allow him to enter the important area or leave the infant room for a certain period of time.

10. Electronic tag fault alarm:

The failure of the electronic tag mainly refers to the low battery voltage of the tag. Wrist bands worn on infants are damaged or removed; As long as the wristband worn on the baby is taken off, the system will give an alarm. Whether it is cut or removed normally with tools, the system will give an alarm. The system will also prompt when the battery voltage of the tag is too low, and the battery needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

11. Personnel Service Call:

There are function keys on the specific card-type positioning label. When the mother has service requirements or meets danger or needs help in some situations, only pressing the function key system will display the help-seeking position and bring up the nearby video camera.

System characteristics

1. To prevent the baby holding wrong

When the wristbands of the mother and the baby are matched, the doctor can take the handheld reading terminal device to read the wristband label information of the mother and the baby respectively to verify the correctness of the matching of the two wristbands, and if the wristbands do not match, the reader will give a prompt, so that the mother can completely rest assured that she is indeed her own child. The problems of family members and hospital lawsuits caused by holding the wrong baby are avoided.

2. Prevent malicious exchange of babies

The baby wristband is designed to be disposable. Once the wristband is worn, it will be invalid if it is opened again, and the system will alarm. In this way, the artificial malicious replacement of babies is prevented, and possible disputes between hospitals and patients are avoided.

3. To prevent stealing babies

During the days from birth to discharge, except for special circumstances, the mother and infant will stay in a specific monitoring area, where the system detects a safe area. Once the baby is illegally stolen (without authorization to take the baby out of the safe monitoring area), the system will immediately give an alarm.

4. Control of personnel access

The personnel entering and leaving the area shall be controlled, and those who do not have the authority shall not enter through the peripheral gate of the area, and those who have the authority may also set different time limit and frequency limit for entering and leaving the area. The hidden dangers caused by the entry of idle personnel are eliminated to the greatest extent.

5. To prevent cross infection

Newborns and mothers have weak resistance, thus avoiding the entry of idle personnel and irrelevant personnel, i.e. providing a safety guarantee for mothers and infants and avoiding the occurrence of cross infection, etc.

6. Retrospective inquiry of events

The system will automatically record the small area of baby activity, the areas where medical staff and parents enter, and alarm events, etc., providing the basis for later inquiries.

7. To improve the hospital image and management level

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