Differences and Uses of RFID, Two-dimensional Code and Bar code

Careful friends may find that in our daily life, we will encounter bar codes, two-dimensional codes and RFID, such as the black-and-white bar on the back of supermarket goods. When checking out, when scanning with scanning equipment, we will drop a sound. This is the bar code, not to mention the two-dimensional code. We have all seen the WeChat scanning code plus the two-dimensional code of friends and payment, but as for RFID, we may not be familiar with it. Today, I will tell you the difference between these three things and where to use them.

Bar code

1. The characteristics and cost of bar codes

It is very common in supermarkets. It is a pattern composed of black and white stripes. The combination of different thick and thin stripes represents different codes. Bar codes need to be identified using scanning guns.

Bar codes can be used to represent numbers, English and symbols, but cannot represent Chinese characters. It only records information horizontally, but does not record information vertically. Bar code input speed is fast, which is 5 times as fast as keyboard input. Bar code scanning speed is faster than two-dimensional code.

Bar code labels can be printed on plain paper or special label paper. Special label paper has adhesive on the back to facilitate adhesion to other commodities. The cost of each label can be less than 1 cent.

If the bar code label is plain paper, the bar code can be printed with a plain printer. If special label paper is used to print bar code labels, a thermal paper printer costs several hundred yuan.

Bar code acquisition equipment can be divided into two categories. The first is that it can only scan itself and cannot enter information such as numbers. This is the kind of bar code gun we see in supermarkets. The bar code gun itself cannot store information. The bar code gun must be connected to a computer during scanning. The price of this bar code gun can be as low as 100 yuan. The second is the wireless type with storage function, which is more convenient to move and use, but the cost is relatively high, about 1000 yuan.

2. Application of Bar Code in Packaging Industry

The typical application is the bar code management of the paper roll library. As the paper rolls are stored in the warehouse on a roll-by-roll basis, it is possible to realize the fine management of the base paper library, which is simple and fast. The following figure shows the bar code style of ERP paper roll.

QR code

1. Characteristics and cost of two-dimensional codes

Two-dimensional codes can be regarded as upgraded versions of bar codes. Bar codes are one-dimensional and only record information horizontally. Two-dimensional codes are two-dimensional and record information in both directions. Two-dimensional codes translate information into small black and white squares and then form a large square. Compared with the bar code which only carries information in one dimension, the two-dimensional code carries information in both dimensions, thus forming a square shape.

Two-dimensional codes can represent Chinese characters, which is a great advantage. Indicates that the information is also higher than bar codes. Traditional bar codes can only process about 20 bits of information, compared with two-dimensional codes, which can process tens to hundreds of times of the information of bar codes.

Two-dimensional codes also facilitate mobile phone scanning, which makes mobile phone payment very common. Today we buy things in the market, and almost all payments can be made by scanning the collection QR code.

Two-dimensional codes also have certain error correction capability, which can correct up to about 30%, and can read information even with a small amount of damage.

Two-dimensional codes can be read quickly from any direction. The secret lies in its three positioning patterns, which can help the two-dimensional code not to be affected by the background pattern and realize fast and stable reading.

The label printing of the two-dimensional code is similar to that of the bar code. Depending on the specific requirements, ordinary paper or special label paper can be used. Label paper can be as low as 1 cent.

If the two-dimensional code label is plain paper, the bar code can be printed with a plain printer. If special label paper is used to print bar code labels, a thermal paper printer costs several hundred yuan.

Two-dimensional code data acquisition equipment is similar to bar code and can be divided into two categories. The first type is to connect computers during scanning, and the amount can be as low as 100 yuan. The second type can be independently scanned by hand, which is slightly more expensive than a device that can only scan bar codes, with the lowest 1000 yuan around.

2. Application of Two-dimensional Code in Packaging Industry

In principle, two-dimensional codes can also be used where bar codes are used. At the same time, because the two-dimensional code has more information, besides scanning and identification, it can also prompt more information and has a wider application range. It is hoped that ERP's WeChat finished product warehousing, PDA delivery, PDA job reporting and other functions will also fully support two-dimensional codes. The following figure shows the two-dimensional code label style of ERP finished product library.


1. The characteristics and cost of RFID

Bar codes and two-dimensional codes do not have chips. RFID is an electronic tag. Information is stored in a chip that can read and write. RFID tags can repeatedly add, modify and delete the data stored in the RFID tag to facilitate the update of information.

RFID tags contain chips and are naturally more expensive than bar codes and two-dimensional codes. RFID tags can be divided into without power and with power. The price of RFID tags without power supply can be as low as within 1 yuan, while RFID tags with power supply can be within 5 yuan.

RFID tag printer has the function of writing information into the chip, and the price is higher than that of ordinary printer, generally more than 5000 yuan.

RFID handset can read RFID chip content, and the price is higher than bar code and two-dimensional code handset, generally more than 2000 yuan. When the RFID handset is used, it can be used alone and the purchase data can be transmitted to the computer. RFID also has readers that must be connected to computers. Cheap readers cost several hundred yuan.

2. Application of RFID in Packaging Industry

At present, in the packaging industry, RFID has only a few trial cases in the paper roll management. Its advantage is that it can automatically scan and read the codes. However, due to the poor penetration of RFID into the paper roll, the installation requirements for RFID reading equipment are relatively high. Some cases that fail to automatically scan and read the codes will cause errors and leaks. The overall use effect needs to be verified. RFID cost is relatively high, and there are few successful cases. It is still some distance from maturity and popularization.

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