RFID Makes Forklift Have Great Wisdom

With the continuous development and expansion of enterprises, the types of materials in warehouses are constantly increasing, and the complexity and diversity of warehouse management have made the traditional operation mode relying on manual and paper inventory records unable to be fully competent for such a huge job. More and more enterprises introduce forklifts to transport and manage materials, so forklifts play a very important role in the logistics system within enterprises and are also the main force in material handling equipment. However, manual transfer of forklifts to transport materials will inevitably lead to data confusion and untimely transfer. Cause inefficiency and inaccurate inventory records.

Therefore, more and more enterprises are paying attention to the development and application of automatic identification technology in forklift trucks, hoping to ensure the basic power transportation of forklift trucks, and at the same time, to improve work efficiency and play an important role in intelligent logistics and intelligent storage. RFID is a new automatic identification technology applied to management after bar code technology. Compared with the traditional bar code identification technology, RFID technology has the characteristics of good penetrability, multi-label remote identification capability, large information storage capacity, repeated reading and writing, unique identification, convenient installation, difficult damage, etc., which makes more and more enterprises apply RFID in production application scenarios. The carrier of forklift truck to transport goods is mainly pallet. RFID technology management is applied to forklift truck. UHF RFID vehicle-mounted reader-writer and RFID antenna are installed on forklift truck. Then, the managed objects are placed on the tray by attaching RFID tags on the tray, and the tray records the information of all the managed objects, so that the managed objects and the tray have unique "identity marks". According to the instructions issued by the background, the forklift truck comes to the front of the cargo pallet, and sends the pallet to the designated place according to the pallet information scanned by the reader/writer, so that the information and position of the pallet items can be accurately known at any time, and basic information guarantee is provided for the accurate management of the goods in and out of the warehouse, the goods allocation and the goods location of the warehouse logistics.

Advantages of RFID Technology in Forklift Truck Application

1. RFID location identification

RFID tags are used to identify goods locations, and the RFID goods location tag numbers read by the wireless terminal and reader-writer on the forklift can ensure that the goods are placed in the correct positions.

2. Ultra-high scanning speed

Multiple labels can be scanned simultaneously, a brand-new scanning method greatly improves the storage efficiency and reduces the storage cost.

3. Capacity Storage Advantage

The label has a large storage capacity, and the size of the storage data is not affected by the size of the label, and all required goods information can be recorded in the electronic label.

4. Reusable

The service life of RFID tags is generally more than 20 years (100,000 reads and writes), and the content can be changed. Therefore, the RFID tag can be reused, the RFID tag can be recycled, and the storage cost of enterprises can be reduced.

5. Industrial Application In industrial application

vibration and pressure resistance are inevitable. RFID vehicle-mounted reader-writer is an industrial vehicle that focuses on working in extreme environments such as forklifts and industrial trucks. It has ultra-high vibration and impact resistance, and has excellent outdoor waterproof and sunscreen capabilities.

6. improve the utilization rate of forklift truck

The truck-mounted reader-writer is installed on the forklift. The tag information of the pallet can be read by the forklift reader-writer to know exactly where the goods are stored. At the same time, it can also provide the location information of the forklift in the warehouse for the background to allocate the forklift. The position and state of each forklift can be grasped in real time, forklift scheduling can be more flexible, and the utilization rate of the forklift can be maximized.

The application of RIFD forklift truck intelligent storage and transportation management ensures the accuracy of data input in all aspects of goods warehouse management, ensures that enterprises can timely and accurately grasp the real data of goods, and reasonably maintain and control the enterprise's goods inventory and dispatching application. Can grasp the current location of all goods and forklift work frequency in time, is conducive to improving the efficiency of forklift storage and transportation management.

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