The first step of enterprise digital management, warehouse management upgrade

In the actual warehouse management process, the work is generally carried out from the three dimensions of warehousing, management and delivery to achieve the improvement of warehouse management accuracy and upgrade of warehouse management services:

1. Commodity warehousing link

The traditional warehousing process has three basic elements: handling personnel, goods and records. This process requires a lot of manpower and time, and generally requires multiple layers and multiple checks to ensure accuracy.

Tiandou identifies the RFID tag of the goods through the RFID access control system at the entrance of the warehouse (binding RFID tag for each goods stored in the warehouse), finds the information of the corresponding goods in the database and automatically inputs it into the management system. The system records the storage information and verifies it. If it is qualified, it inputs the inventory information. If it is wrong, it prompts an error message, sends out an alarm signal and automatically prohibits the storage.

Secondly, through the combination of RFID's goods real-time positioning function and RFID read-write system, the inventory information will be updated immediately after the goods are confirmed to be in place, which is convenient for customers to carry out other operations on time in the warehouse platform.

2. Inventory management

Traditional storage often consumes a huge amount of labor and information is difficult to ensure accuracy in the inspection, management and monitoring of goods after storage. Through the identification system, the dolphin regularly checks and examines the classified commodities, analyzes the changes of commodity inventory, and presents timely data in the warehouse platform.

When goods are displaced, RFID tags of the goods are automatically collected through an RFID identification system, corresponding information is found in a database, the information is automatically entered into a warehouse management system, information such as name, quantity, position and the like are recorded, whether abnormal conditions occur is checked, abnormal real-time alarms occur, and the safety of warehouse goods is guaranteed.

The manual workload in the traditional inventory management is greatly reduced, and the bulk commodity storage management is safe, efficient and accurate with lower storage cost.

3. The goods outbound link

In the outbound link of goods, Tiandou scans the RFID tags of goods and cargo locations according to the outbound order requirements of goods, confirms the outbound goods, and updates the inventory at the same time. When the goods arrive at the exit channel, the identification system will automatically read the RFID tag and call up the corresponding information in the database, and compare it with the order information line. If it is correct, the goods can be taken out of the warehouse, and the inventory of the goods will be deducted accordingly. If there is any abnormality, the warehouse management system will present prompt information to facilitate the staff to carry out real-time safety supervision and abnormal handling.

The difficulty of traditional goods storage service lies in "people", which is shown by the huge amount of manual work. It also shows the difficulty of standardized management landing under uneven personnel. It is even more reflected in the immeasurable difference in management accuracy ... The existence of these factors makes it difficult to effectively guarantee the timeliness and safety of commodity storage.

In the market period when warehousing evolves from labor-intensive to intelligent machinery, the Internet of Things is the focus and breakthrough point of logistics warehousing informatization. The emergence of Tiandou Big Data Internet of Things platform provides a new opportunity for upgrading commodity warehousing services, and also provides a technical model and future prospects for the further development of logistics warehousing industry. The application of new technologies has opened an era of intelligent storage that meets the requirements of industry 4.0, which will certainly play a huge role in promoting the digital management upgrade of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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