Use RFID to Arm Smart Fire Fighting

The Internet of Things can bring great convenience to consumers. In the future, the application scale of Internet of Things will accelerate expansion.

For example, contactless payment currently used by many people is realized through near-field communication between a payment terminal and a bank card, smart phone or smart watch equipped with the same technology. It avoids the tedious process of inserting a physical card into a payment terminal and inputting a password. This payment method can speed up the shopping process and save time.

Radio frequency technology has changed modern life in many ways. One of the most commonly used forms of radio frequency communication in the Internet of Things is RFID technology, which has been widely used by retailers on clothing labels.

RFID technology has been developed for many years, and its use on the Internet of Things is completely synergistic. Each RFID device has a unique identifier that can be used to identify almost anything. Using this device as part of the connection system provides almost unlimited possibilities for new applications.

Application of RFID Technology in Intelligent Fire Fighting

Intelligent fire fighting is to connect big data and other related technical means with various fire fighting facilities, sensors and communication facilities in the internet of things, and acquire, collect, transmit, process and distribute real-time fire fighting facility information through an intelligent terminal platform system, and realize fire management: automation, intelligent fire fighting and rescue, daily law enforcement system, fine fire management, intelligent prevention, intelligent guidance, intelligent fire fighting, intelligent management and intelligent law enforcement.

In the daily inspection of fire fighting equipment, inspectors can configure RFID identification equipment terminals to collect data from checkpoints and know the operation status of fire fighting equipment in real time. The efficiency of fire inspection can be improved by attaching the encrypted RFID radio frequency tag to the fire extinguishing equipment of the fire extinguishing unit or the corresponding fire extinguishing equipment and scanning the induction tag with the related terminal equipment. The intelligent fire protection system platform can collect information data of various scanning equipment and automatically complete relevant detection records. Compared with paper inspection, this method is more convenient and effective, and improves the phenomenon that the traditional fire inspection is not in place and the inspection records are lost.

Maintenance and routine inspection of fire fighting equipment are the foundation of intelligent fire fighting structure. RFID technology makes daily fire fighting management more efficient and concise. The operation state of the facility can be transmitted to the intelligent fire extinguishing platform in real time through RFID intelligent sensors located in the fire fighting facilities, which is helpful to know the operation state of the fire fighting facilities in time, find out the fire risks in time and eliminate the hidden dangers of fire fighting.

RFID and security

All meetings on the Internet of Things have emphasized the need to strengthen the security of corresponding systems or technologies in this interconnected world. RFID is no exception. With the development of technology, a higher level of security has been introduced in authentication and encryption.

A secure RFID system solution needs to provide security and privacy. Ensure that the information in the radio frequency tag is only recognized by a legitimate reader, and prevent the information from being maliciously tampered with.

The Function of Intelligent Fire Fighting Platform

The intelligent fire fighting platform can complete the division of fire management areas. By dividing the urban management authority into multiple unit areas according to certain standards, the area strengthens the inspection and management of the unit areas and establishes a new supervision and management system. The concept of intelligent fire management area management provides a practical management plan for government, industry and industrial fire management, and applies the intelligent area management mode to help fire safety management, thus truly implementing fire management. In fact, it also improves the efficiency of fire safety supervision and management, so that fire safety management can serve the society and companies, improve people's life, and improve the efficiency and quality of fire safety management.

The intelligent fire fighting platform can help realize daily inspection and intelligence, standardize inspection methods, digitize equipment operation, visualize key fire fighting components, timely alarm data of key fire fighting units, real-time state data of building fire fighting water, and fire fighting knowledge training system. Through civil defense+technical defense, the safety management level is improved and the fire risk is reduced.

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