VANCH™ RFID laundry management system

The establishment of VANCH RFID laundry management system is intended to help manage the handover, counting, washing, ironing, folding, sorting, storage and other processes in the washing work. With the help of RFID technology, the characteristics of the laundry label track the washing process of each piece of clothing to be managed, record the washing times, washing parameters and expand the application.

At present, the counting and recording in the washing industry depends entirely on manual work. One is that the labor cost is relatively high, and there are discrepancies between the handover data and the users, resulting in unnecessary losses or disputes. For example, the waste in each ward of the hospital is quite messy when it is recovered, and it needs manpower sorting when it is returned, thus increasing the manpower input of the hospital office. Through the introduction of RFID technology and automatic identification of RFID tags by RFID equipment, batch counting, washing tracking, automatic sorting and other functions can be realized, thus improving laundry management, providing more advanced and controllable services for hospitals and increasing the market competitiveness of washing enterprises.

The introduction of RFID wireless radio frequency identification technology will make the laundry management of users more transparent, improve the work efficiency, and solve the management problems that cannot be realized by other technologies in the past, such as the statistics and handover of large quantities of cloth to be washed.

The scheme is to sew a button-like (or label-like) electronic label on each piece of cloth. The electronic label has a unique global identification code, that is, each piece of cloth will have a unique management identification until the cloth is scrapped (the label can be reused, but does not exceed the service life of the label itself). In the whole management of linen usage and washing, the usage status and washing times of linen will be automatically recorded by RFID reader. Support batch reading of labels during washing handover, making washing task handover simple and transparent and reducing business disputes. At the same time, by tracking the washing times, the service life of the current linen can be estimated for the user, and forecast data can be provided for the purchase plan.

Main components of the system

· RFID electronic tag

· RFID tag card issuer

· RFID fixed reader

· RFID handheld reader

· RFID tunnel inventory system

· RFID Field Bucket (Optional)

· VANCH RFID middleware

· VANCH RFID laundry management system

System function

Product identification: Each piece of clothing is identified by sewing RFID electronic tags with buttons on each piece of laundry to be managed. The RFID smart tag chip has a globally unique ID number and a user area for writing data. Specific attributes of clothes, such as the owner of the clothes, the life of the clothes, the washing times of the clothes, the model of the clothes, etc., can be written in the tag.

Automatic counting: it is divided into incoming counting and outgoing counting, and the quantity delivered at each time is accurate. For packaged dirt, the whole package can pass through RFID tunnel reading equipment for accurate counting, with an accuracy rate of 100%. The data is objective and scientific, and can be used to check the delivery quantity with users. At the same time, the clean clothes to be returned to the user will also be confirmed by the RFID tunnel reading equipment and the exact quantity will be listed.

Automatic sorting: At present, enterprises and users hand over clothes manually, so clean clothes can be sorted in the washing plant area through the uniqueness of RFID tags, directly sorted to the smallest user unit and packed into lists, thus saving manual sorting time and reducing labor.

Record of washing times: due to the characteristics of RFID tags, the washing times of clothes can be recorded, the service life of clothes can be predicted, the inventory of clothes can be reasonably controlled, and more scientific services can be provided to users.

Suitable for users

This system is suitable for professional washing companies, hospitals, hotels, clubs, large factories, etc.

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