UHF RFID Antenna Select guide

The RFID reader antenna transmits and receives signals with electrical and magnetic characteristics at the same time. When the radio waves propagate in space, the direction of the electric field changes according to a certain law. This phenomenon is called polarization of radio waves. It can be divided into 2 kinds according to the different polarization.

Linear polarization antenna

The electromagnetic wave propagates completely in the direction of signal propagation (vertical or horizontal) on a plane. When the direction of the tag is known and fixed, the RFID antenna is polarized to match the RFID tag (vertical corresponding to vertical or horizontal corresponding level). It can get the best read rate.

Circular polarization antenna

When the angle between the electric wave polarization plane and the normal earth plane changes from 0 to 360° periodically, that is, the magnitude of the electric field changes, and the direction changes with time, the shape of projection of the electric field vector end trajectory on a plane perpendicular to the direction of propagation is a circle, it’s Circular polarization.


Gain is a parameter that comprehensively measures the energy conversion and directional characteristics of an antenna. It is defined as the product of the direction coefficient and the antenna efficiency. The higher antenna direction coefficient, the higher gain coefficient.

Azimuth: A measure of the ability of an antenna to radiate its ability in the desired direction.

Main lobe width: The main lobe width is the physical quantity that measures the extent of the largest radiating area of the antenna.

Polarization loss: When the polarization direction of the transmitting signal antenna is inconsistent with the polarization direction of the receiving antenna, polarization loss is usually generated during the receiving process.

2.RF cable connector

SMA connector、SMA Male connector、SMA Female connector、MCX connector、MMCX connector、TNC connector、TNC Male connector、TNC Female connector、SMB Male connector、SMB Female connector、BNC Female connector、BNC Female connector、N type connector、N type Female connector

3.Radio frequency identification system dedicated converter

TNC public load、TNC Female-N Female converter、TNC Male- N Female converter、N Male- SMA Female converter、SMA load、SMA Male-TNC Reverse Polarity  converter、IPEX connector、MMCX Male-SMA Female converter、RFID antenna Feeder lightning arrester VPJ-0101

4.RFID pcb board connector

MMCX socket、MCX Male connector

5.RF cable

1/2 inch cable、178 cable、195 cable、240 cable、316 cable

6.Other accessories

Power adapter、 Serial cable、Antenna bracket、Antenna installation frame、US socket、EU socket、UK socket

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