RFID Patient Management

As the largest trauma center in Canada, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre receives about 13500 surgical patients each year. In order to improve patient satisfaction, senior managers can use the information they have to make decisions on patient mobility, staffing, efficiency maintenance and goals as quickly as possible, thus giving rise to the idea of using RFID management.

Sunnybrook does not have a formal program to track patients who are about to undergo surgery. Like many other hospitals, Sunnybrook has to rely on a time-consuming manual process to track how much time each patient spends in various areas such as the operating room, reporting data such as utilization, staffing, scheduling and patient mobility to get a better overall patient experience.

Establish RFID system

1.Label consideration, paper label

The first consideration is the RFID wristband; however, this solution is rejected because of cost, and in practice, there is no guarantee that every patient's wristband will be located. Tests show that it is necessary to label the front and back of each medical record book, and each patient information is bound to a unique label ID number corresponding to their medical record book.

2.Reader and antenna installation

To identify the tags, doctors installed three antennas at the entrance and checkpoints of the operating room, from registration to before, to the operating room, and then to after the operation. As each tag passes through the antenna, the RFID system collects real-time data and transmits it to the reader

The reader needs to be covered with a protective shell to prevent the staff from bumping into it.

RFID achievements

1.Real-time tracking of patient location

The latest whereabouts of each patient is displayed in real time by the software, which reduces the need for family members to report their illness frequently, and in the monitoring area, there is no need for nurses to count the number of patients by hand every day.

2.Automatic data collection

The efficiency gains brought about by RFID automatic data collection enable management to significantly improve workflow, improve business efficiency, and provide more time for nursing work rather than documentation.

3.Reduce cost

In the past, the patient information system relied on staff to manually update the software, which cost 100000 US dollars a year to maintain; manual registration information was slow, and updates were not timely.

Background of patient management

1. Long waiting time

The patient has a long waiting time (waiting for diagnosis, medicine, bed, etc.)

2 .The information and the new slow are not complete.

Manual input of information is not complete, resulting in patients misusing drugs and missing the time of revisit; manually follow the new patient information, when the patient is transferred, the data is not timely, can not get timely treatment

3. Unreasonable distribution of personnel

The allocation of medical staff is unreasonable, and nurses can not be deployed quickly in case of emergency.

4.Unreasonable use of sickbed

The utilization of materials such as hospital beds is unreasonable, spare beds are taken out for use when there are few patients, and it takes time to disinfect emergency cases.

RFID advantage

1.Reduce treatment time

Overcrowding in hospitals is a common problem, which will affect the quality of medical care. Studies have shown that overcrowding can lead to delays in treatment, resulting in higher mortality, longer hospitalizations, more readmissions and higher costs

2.Optimize patient flow

The efficient control of patient flow will not only affect the quality of patient care, but also affect the allocation of medical materials in hospitals.

3.Maintain high-risk patients

The elderly and babies are the most vulnerable patients in health care. Hospitals need to provide a safe and reliable environment to protect patients from risks such as falls.

4.Improve patient care

Improve patient care, improve safety and reduce costs

Selection of RFID devices and how to use them

Wristband label VT-88A

① The wrist strap label is light, the size can be adjusted according to the size of the patient's wrist, and the buckle design is not easy to fall off.

② The wristband number is unique, and the label information is bound to the patient information in the management system, and the wristband is tied to the patient's wrist.

Fixed reader VF-747 + high gain antenna VA-912

① The use of high-performance impinj chip, fast reading speed, stable performance

② Small size, easy to install in important areas that need real-time monitoring, such as waiting area, elevator door entrances and exits on the floor, wards.

①  High-gain 12dbi antenna for extended reading range

②  Installed and used with VF-747,

In order to ensure the reading speed, the commonly used connection feeders are 8m and 10m.

Up to 15m

desktop reader VD-67

① USB interface to facilitate data writing

② Small size, buzzer and LED design make it easy to understand the working status of the machine

Android handheld VH-71T

① supporting Bluetooth, wifi, 3G/4G and other wireless transmission

② 5 inch IPS display 1280* 720P

RFID patient Management-data flow

1.Tag information input

The label number is can be set before leaving the factory, and the hospital can be modified by the desktop reader VD-67E.

2.the patient is admitted and the RFID tag created

The tag number is bound to the patient information

3.Fixed readers and antennas automatically read tag information

fixed readers and antennas are installed on the walls of the waiting area ,in the ward ,and the entrances and exits of each floor ;

4.Keep abreast of the patient's condition by using the handhelp reader.

using a functional system as each site an association is made between patient  equipment  caregivers doctors pathology lab pharmaceutical and supplies throughout the complete chain of care

5.Reuse of wristband

After the patient is discharged from the hospital, the wristband can be reused according to the use.

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