RFID Medical Cabinet and Asset Management System Solution

Industry demand

In 2018, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Development of 'Internet + Medical Health'", and related intelligent medical equipment based on the Internet of Things technology began to flourish and apply. In particular, the guidance of consumable management policies such as the "two-invoice system" and "zero mark-up" in 2019 has enabled the SPD business to be recognized and promoted in hospitals. The transformation of this kind of operating mechanism requires the application of intelligent management equipment to realize the refined management of hospital medicines, high and low-value consumables, hemp medicines and reagents.

In the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Fixed Assets in Administrative Institutions", the state will begin to conduct accurate statistics on state-owned assets across the country, and enterprises and institutions, banks, government agencies, and hospitals will conduct digital control over fixed assets.

Inventory inventory: Regular inventory inventory of fixed assets, at least once a year.

Standardized disposal: The long-term backlog of assets to be disposed of shall be disposed of within the prescribed authority to effectively solve the problem of "difficulty in writing off accounts".

Loss accountability: All departments and units should establish and improve the accountability mechanism for fixed asset losses, and implement the liability for compensation for losses.

RFID smart medical cabinet solution advantages

01 Support multiplex data transmit port, such as HIS, HRP, SPD etc. Management software.

02 Effectively improve the utilization rate of medical resources, work efficiency, and reduce costs and losses.

03 Strengthen business collaboration between departments, and realize responsibility to individuals through authority supervision.

04 It can optimize the service process, open up the information islands of medical institutions, refine and grasp management information such as purchasing, logistics, warehousing, settlement, etc. in real time.

05 Electronically track the qualifications, batches, expiration dates and usage of medicines and consumables throughout the entire process to achieve safety management and reduce losses.

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