Six common methods of factory production data collection

There are many types of equipment in manufacturing workshops, and the realization of equipment condition monitoring is particularly cumbersome. How to obtain the production status information of various brands and different communication protocol equipment in the most efficient way under limited cost, and transmit the data to the management system for further analysis and remote monitoring and control, while improving the efficiency of process monitoring Time also saves operation and maintenance costs.

The field equipment data acquisition system is the information link between the field automation control equipment and the upper-level MES system. There are many equipment and different interfaces in the factory. How to realize equipment communication has become an implementation difficulty. A technical basis for the implementation of MES is to communicate with field devices to realize automatic data collection.

If the factory production data collection system is to realize real-time monitoring of the workshop, it needs to collect and transmit the data at the production site in real time to the system. Among the data collection methods at the production site, there are six common production data collection system information collection methods. They are TCP/IP protocol Ethernet mode, data acquisition card, ordinary Ethernet mode, configuration software collection, RFID mode, and manual assistance mode.

1. RFID method

It is the implementation of the collection of information such as encoding, location, and status of personnel and materials, and the information of personnel and materials is written into the RFID tag through the binding of RFID chips. Through actual use, this method is simple and direct, with good results.

2. Normal Ethernet mode

The equipment through the Ethernet development kit and the equipment using the windows operating system for Ethernet interface can use the development interface provided by the third-party software developer to perform network transmission of the equipment to meet the transmission requirements of various data. Moreover, the status information and parameter information of various devices are saved to meet the real-time collection requirements for database integration.

3. Data acquisition card

Through the connection with the relevant I/O points of the production equipment and the corresponding sensors, the corresponding processing information is collected, including equipment operation processing, equipment failure and other parameters. Applicable systems include non-serial port and non-local area network devices, and the methods used are switch quantity acquisition cards, analog quantity acquisition cards, etc.

4. Manual assistance

It is suitable for non-automatic equipment and automatic equipment that does not have automatic information collection function. It adopts manual form filling, barcode scanning, handheld RFID terminal, etc. to realize data collection. It has the advantages of flexibility and convenience, which makes up for the shortcomings of automatic collection in richness and adaptability, but it also has the shortcomings of real-time and accuracy.

5. Ethernet mode of TCP/IP protocol

The configuration of Ethernet is the trend of future technology development. This information collection mode is very rich in content and can be remotely controlled. At present, many equipment manufacturers, such as equipped with LAN ports, have a large number of convenience

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