Livestock Breeding Management Project

The traditional manual recording management method relies on paper media to record and manage the information of various links such as animal breeding, transportation, and processing, which is inefficient and inconvenient to query.

In order to solve data collection, identification and tracking in harsh environments from animal breeding, slaughter, processing, warehousing, logistics and transportation, it is necessary to establish an information management system for animal traceability, and comprehensively use bar code identification, radio frequency identification (RFID) and other Internet of Things industry technologies , Connect the collected data through the communication network, carry out information exchange and communication, implement intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management, and realize the traceability of the production, processing, transportation, circulation, and retail of animal food Information is identified, registered, monitored and analyzed for prevention.

Based on RFID technology, a unique ID identification code is established for each animal, and the identification information of the species is entered in the tag. When feeding and managing animals, you only need to scan the animal tags through a mobile handheld terminal to quickly and batch obtain animal information within the scan range, and upload it to the database for storage, which is convenient and efficient. Afterwards, the information of each link such as management and processing will also be collected through mobile handheld terminals and uploaded to the database system, forming a complete product traceability system, realizing the whole process of quality monitoring of meat products "from ranch to table", and helping to establish a complete, The traceable quality and safety system promotes the openness, transparency, greenness and safety of the entire meat food production and processing process.

System Composition

Consists of RFID animal ear tag tags, readers, handheld terminal devices, etc.

System Advantages

1. Improve the efficiency of recording and reduce the error rate.

2. The data storage space is large, the storage period is long, and the historical data can be recalled at any time.

3. Provide complete and accurate historical information traceability.

4. The safety of all foods, animal feeds and feed ingredients can be guaranteed through effective control of the entire process from farm to table.

5. Systematic record and management of information on animal breeding, transportation, processing and other links, convenient inquiries, and help to achieve product traceability.

6. Promote the openness, transparency, greenness and safety of the entire growth and processing of agricultural and animal husbandry products.

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