Yulin Energy Group Vehicle Weighing and Crossing Management

With the rapid development of electronic information technology and the acceleration of enterprise technological transformation, enterprises and institutions have increasingly higher requirements for automobile weighing management systems and vehicle access management.

The current automobile weighing system is not very intelligent, and the main problems are as follows:

① Long operating time: At the weighing platform, it takes a few minutes for managers to input vehicle information manually.

② Slow vehicle passing speed: When the operator enters the vehicle information, the weighing vehicle needs to stop and wait until the information is completely input.

③Many operating links: In the whole process, there are many operating links and manual participation. It is not ruled out that manual errors or material weight errors caused by human factors are not ruled out.

The characteristics of vehicle management in the factory area are that there are many vehicles and models, and the management is difficult; the current technical means for vehicle management is not very high, mainly manual input of computer databases or parking verification related documents can be checked. Gates with high speed requirements are difficult to implement, and time-consuming and labor-intensive. How to broaden the management perspective, improve vehicle operation efficiency, enhance driving safety, and strengthen vehicle performance management are currently urgent issues that need to be resolved.

System composition

The weighing system is a collection of long-distance RFID technology, automatic vehicle number recognition system, automatic voice command system, instant weighing image capture system, traffic light control system, infrared anti-cheating system, barrier control system, remote monitoring system, and third-party applications An unattended weighing system integrated with software middleware. In the entire weighing process, automatic and reliable measurement data collection, automatic discrimination, automatic command, automatic processing, and automatic control are achieved, which minimizes the drawbacks and work intensity caused by manual operation, and improves the integration and information of the system Degree of integration and automation.

System advantages

① Long-distance automatic recognition: effective recognition distance of 12 meters

② Fast recognition speed: automatic recognition and reading time is less than 0.02 seconds

③ Unmanned operation in the whole process: Eliminate errors caused by manual input or human factors

④ Vehicles pass quickly: When the vehicle is weighed, only the reflection time of the scale is required, and there is no need to wait for the operator to input information.

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