3 minutes to understand the digital factory based on RFID technology

In a manufacturing plant, day-to-day management is more focused on issues such as product management, quality management, warehouse management, mobile asset management, field personnel management, and fleet management. Most factory production line information is usually collected by manual collection and manual input, which is far from accurate and has a large error rate. The production data in the system cannot be updated in real time, and the lag is serious, which is not conducive to the smooth progress of production and restricts the further improvement of production capacity.

Based on RFID technology management system, RFID radio frequency identification technology is applied in production lines, dumping and temporary storage warehouses, and reusable RFID electronic tags are applied. Each tag has a unique ID number and a readable and writable data area. The information is written into the RFID electronic label, and the RFID reader is installed at the offline station of the production line and the entrance and exit of the warehouse, and the product label information is automatically identified in batches and uploaded to the management system. Semi-finished products are tracked and managed throughout the entire process from offline to warehouse transfer, temporary storage, and then online production.

RFID factory production line management

Deploy RFID readers and antennas at each station. When the goods with RFID tags enter the identification range of the RFID readers, the data information stored in the electronic tags on the products will be automatically identified; and the background management system will be uploaded in real time to manage The system then lists the package number, batch and other information of the goods according to the product production information, and displays it on the display screen, prompting the production workers to perform the correct operation.

The application of RFID technology in the factory production line has advantages unmatched by other technologies. Non-contact automatic reading of data and can withstand harsh working environments, which ensures that its advantages are flexible configuration, fast response speed, and system communication requirements. Low, read the information of the RFID tag, and collect information such as the location, production level, number and other information of the product. Realize flexible production line management, production line visual management, production line information management, production line data management and production line automation management.

Based on RFID automatic production line application industry fields: tobacco automation management, automobile manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical, electronic information, clothing production line, hardware, etc., according to different processing performance, it can be applied in different places to achieve the purpose of automatic production and achieve the best results.

RFID warehouse management

RFID technology has the characteristics of fast identification speed, strong group reading ability, unique serial number, durability, anti-counterfeiting, traceability and other characteristics, which are being used by more and more enterprises to improve their warehouse management to achieve the purpose of reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

After the goods are processed on the production line, they need to be sent from the production line to the transfer warehouse. RFID reader equipment is installed at the entrance and exit of the transfer warehouse, and combined with the application of RFID handheld devices, it can be easily and quickly put into storage, put on shelves, pick goods, The collection and verification of on-site business data such as inventory and warehouse delivery realizes the automatic collection and real-time background data update of the goods information transferred from the production line to the warehouse. Goods are released from the warehouse, in the same way, both automatically and in batches.

The RFID warehouse management system is designed and developed based on RFID technology, covering the core warehouse storage, inventory, warehouse transfer, allocation, etc., as well as a series of functions such as basic information and reports, with reliable transmission, intelligent control, data fusion, and real-time recording. , integrated docking, data analysis and other multi-faceted application value.

RFID digital factory benefits

01、Production data can be updated accurately and in real time

Real-time feedback of production data is the basis for ensuring smooth production operations. The RFID reading and writing equipment can automatically collect the information in the product label in batches, and upload it to the background system in real time. The server can be set to update the data every 5 seconds. In this way, the system is able to provide real-time production data for analysis.

02、Productivity is improved on the original basis

Productivity is the focus of production management and also a difficult management point. If the productivity is improved, it means that the output of the enterprise will increase and the profit will increase. The real-time production data of the production workshop is fed back to the system. Through the system monitoring, the reasons that hinder the smooth flow of the production line can be found in real time, and the production bottleneck can be found in time. Through real-time data analysis, the system conducts real-time monitoring of the production situation of each workshop, each group and each station, so that problems in any production link can be found and solved in time, thereby improving the productivity of the factory production line.

03、Real-time tracking of order progress to ensure delivery time

If the order cannot be delivered in time, it means that the company will not only be unable to make profits but lead to losses, but also affect the company's credibility. The future development of the company has been greatly affected and hindered. In particular, export enterprises are more important for the timely delivery of orders. The system starts from the customer's order, and treats the production product from the start of production to the end, and the real-time progress tracking of the entire production process. Track the progress of orders on the production line in real time, so as to accurately grasp the production progress of each order and achieve the purpose of timely delivery.

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