Traceability of Rural Chicken Breeding Industry

The data acquisition system mainly relies on the ring-shaped buckle IoT device (chicken card) worn on the chicken leg to collect data (marked in red in the figure below). The chicken brand contains pedometer module, positioning module, communication module and so on.

Each chicken tag will have a unique ID generated by the system and a QR code that can be scanned. Once the chicken card buckle is closed, it will start working and cannot be disassembled. Once disassembled, the electronic link device inside the buckle will be damaged, thereby losing the function of collecting data.

After the chicken tag starts working mode, the movement steps and coordinates of the chicken will be collected and uploaded in real time, and sent to the communication base station regularly. A communication base station usually includes a main base station and several secondary base stations. The secondary base stations are deployed in a grid and are responsible for collecting the data information sent by the chickens that are active near it, and send the data to the main base station. Then the master base station will send all messages to the message middleware. Since a large number of IoT devices may generate massive data content, message middleware can act as a flood storage pool here, cutting peaks and filling valleys.

System composition

RFID live bird foot ring electronic tag, RFID reading and writing equipment, handheld terminal, software system, etc.

System advantages

01. Non-contact identification, real-time and effective data collection

RFID technology is a non-contact radio frequency identification method to collect and systematically manage the data in the electronic identification placed in the animal or on the body. It is an extremely effective management method to grasp the health status of animals and control the occurrence of animal epidemics.

02. Waterproof, can be applied to animal body

The use of low-frequency tags can penetrate water and animal bodies, and is insensitive to water and metals. Whether the tag is placed in the animal body or on the body, it can be easily and quickly read.

03. The number is unique, not easy to forge, easy to manage

When the animal is born, the electronic identification is placed on the animal. The electronic identification is one-time use, unified number, and unique number. Through the traceable management of individual animals, precision feeding is carried out to improve the quality of meat; at the same time, health warning and quality monitoring are carried out, which greatly increases the economic benefits of the enterprise.

04. Combining with information technology is conducive to tracking management

Through the supporting software management program, the whole process of its growth cycle is monitored. Such as whether it is stocked in a non-polluting natural environment, whether the water, soil, air and other indicators meet the standards, the use of veterinary drugs and additives, whether the feed has been polluted by pesticides or residual additives, etc., and record the pasture where it was stocked in different periods. As well as their epidemic prevention, health status and other important information.

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