Logistics and retail turnover box management based on RFID technology

With the increase in the scale of logistics and retail, the use of turnover boxes is increasing, and the loss, wastage, and management costs of turnover boxes have become urgent problems for enterprises to solve. Based on RFID technology, the automatic reading method to manage the in-out and out-of-warehouse operations of the turnover box is not only fast, but also can greatly improve the efficiency, save labor costs, simplify the complicated workflow, and effectively improve the efficiency and transparency of the supply chain.

The turnover box management RFID application project can save nearly 900,000 yuan in the printing cost of distribution labels every year, reduce distribution costs and improve work efficiency. It is suitable for enterprise pallet management, turnover box management, and treasure box management. It mainly includes applications in production, warehouse, distribution and other scenarios.

In production, RFID electronic tags are embedded in the turnover box, and the assembly line uses RFID readers to collect warehousing data and label verification.

The RFID electronic label processed by self-adhesive packaging can be attached to the surface of the turnover box where it is not easy to be hit, so that the RFID reader can quickly and accurately identify it. Considering that during the use of the turnover box, the RFID electronic label attached to the surface may be hit, thereby causing the label to be damaged, and at the same time, it is conducive to the protection of the label against dust and water. The plastic-sealed label is installed on the turnover box.

When the turnover box is out of the warehouse, the channel-type RFID reader or RFID handheld can be used to collect the label information, and the collected data can be uploaded to the background to complete the in-out and out-of-stock record statistics. Warehouse managers can use handheld RFID devices to identify positioning and inventory. RFID handhelds can be used to scan during transportation or distribution to quickly count the quantity.

As one of the core technologies of the Internet of Things, RFID has entered the logistics field, gradually replacing commodity barcodes, bringing new technical applications to the existing logistics field. Among them, the logistics turnover box based on RFID technology combined with the construction of an information network platform will realize logistics. The unit is tracked from single product to package combination and pallet, to realize the whole-process tracking and traceability management of the supply chain. It brings convenience in logistics to suppliers at all levels related to the manufacturing industry and its industrial chain.

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