RFID Sanitation Garbage Shipping Vehicle Management Solution

The number and distribution of sanitation facilities, ensuring that the garbage collection time is in place, ensuring that daily garbage removal, timely garbage transportation and timely scheduling will become an important part of the supervision of sanitation removal and transportation, which is also a key part of smart city construction. RFID technology can realize intelligent waste management, quickly understand the use of trash cans in various cities, and the operation and scheduling of waste.

RFID sanitation garbage shipping vehicle management is a comprehensive application of computer technology, wireless network technology, RFID identification technology, video surveillance technology, and the establishment of a unified management information system. Through all-round and long-distance accurate data collection, timely data transmission, and in-depth data analysis, implement the supervision of sanitation operation effects, sanitation operation vehicles, sanitation facilities, waste terminal disposal, and full control of the sanitation environment to achieve centralized management and scheduling. , allocate resources reasonably, and optimize the efficiency of garbage collection and processing. It effectively forms the whole process control of the input, collection, transportation and treatment of various wastes such as construction waste, kitchen waste, domestic waste, and medical waste.

RFID equipment application link

Traditional sanitation waste disposal methods are prone to fail to grasp the number and distribution of trash cans in real time due to manual processing, resulting in untimely waste management or omissions, which will result in air pollution and environmental pollution, high labor input and low efficiency. Supervision, the application of RFID technology can automatically collect the information of each link, and realize the intelligent management of urban waste.

Install VANCH RFID reader and vehicle RFID tag on the sanitation vehicle responsible for garbage removal, you can read the tag of each trash can, and count the working conditions of each vehicle, install RFID electronic tags on the trash can, electronic The label binds the details of the location of the trash can.

When the garbage truck starts loading and unloading garbage, the Wanquan UHF RFID device on the vehicle will recognize the UHF RFID tag on the trash can, and transmit the data to the server of the main station, indicating that the trash can has been cleaned, and monitor the recycling life of the garbage truck. The situation of garbage, monitoring the flow of domestic garbage transportation and vehicle count.

If the RFID tag data of the trash can is recognized within 24 hours, it will be displayed in green in the operation interface of the terminal system; if the RFID tag data of the trash can is not recognized within 24 hours, it means that the trash can has not been emptied, and it is marked in red in the system displayed in the operation interface.

Install VANCH RFID readers in garbage transfer stations and garbage terminal treatment facilities. Each RFID reader can be connected to the background in real time through a wireless module, so as to realize the number, quantity, weight, time, location, etc. of garbage cans and garbage trucks. Real-time correlation of information, realize the whole process supervision and traceability of garbage community sorting, garbage transportation, and garbage post-processing, and ensure the effectiveness and quality of garbage disposal and transportation.

RFID Sanitation Garbage Shipping Vehicle Management Benefits

RFID sanitation garbage shipping vehicle management automatically identifies sanitation vehicles and trash can data, and a large number of data query work is completed by the server, saving a lot of manpower and improving efficiency. Through centralized and distributed management, the supervision and management of the garbage collection and transportation links are standardized, and each main link is supervised. When there is an emergency, the data can be transmitted to the management personnel as soon as possible, and can be dealt with in a timely manner.

The application of RFID technology realizes the real-time control and dispatch of the distribution of sanitation facilities, effectively understands the status of sanitation facilities, masters the operation of vehicles, and monitors whether garbage trucks are collecting and operating routes in real time. The collection tasks are refined and monitored in real time.

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