Fire equipment inspection and warehouse management based on RFID technology

The traditional firefighting equipment, facilities and equipment need to rely on a lot of manpower and material resources, and the work efficiency is relatively low. Strengthen the ability of information management, strengthen the supervision of the inspection process, improve the management level of the entire firefighting equipment, and eliminate potential safety hazards. It is urgent.

How to effectively improve the quality of inspection work? How to effectively informatize inspection data? How to eliminate hidden safety hazards in the process of inspection work? This is the trouble of the inspection department. In the process of fire fighting, fire fighting equipment is the first safety guarantee.

Apply RFID technology to bind the identity information of RFID electronic tags to fire equipment and facilities, strengthen the supervision of the inspection process, and improve the management level of fire equipment. RFID technology makes the management of fire equipment more efficient and simple.

Fire equipment management based on RFID technology

Put rfid labels on all fire fighting equipment within the jurisdiction, and bind the corresponding fire fighting equipment information in the background. The label has memory, which can record the purchase time, expiration time, installation time, person in charge, patrolling time of the fire fighting equipment. The number of inspections and other information in order to do life cycle management of fire equipment. Install RFID readers in key nodes and processes to automatically collect RFID electronic tag information and upload it to the background management system.

The rfid electronic file system of fire fighting equipment is established, and the data is uniformly stored in the central server of the management department. When the fire fighting equipment expires, the background system will alarm and prompt, and it will also send a text message to the mobile phone of the relevant personnel or person in charge of the unit. , remind it to replace it.

The inspection personnel of each unit use the RFID handheld terminal, which can identify the RFID electronic label information on each fire equipment, and can also communicate with the upper computer (management computer). Each inspector receives the inspection plan from the management department, scans each fire equipment in turn, and forms an inspection record in the rfid handheld. Make corresponding remarks on the handheld and save them in the inspection record.

Install RFID readers and antennas in the fire truck to obtain the information of the fire fighting equipment in the fire truck in real time, compare it with the preset data, and display it on the equipped tablet to ensure that the fire truck can be quickly identified when there are firefighting tasks. Equipment information, after the firefighting task is completed, you can also check whether the firefighting equipment brought back is missing to prevent the loss of firefighting equipment.

Install UHF RFID readers and UHF antennas in fire warehouses or main entrances and exits, which can identify the data of fire equipment equipped with rfid tags in batches, automatically identify and alarm unauthorized fire equipment, and record the alarm location and equipment. Name and date, and send alarm information to managers at the same time. Reduce equipment confusion and unrecognizable situations.

The fire equipment management platform based on RFID technology can realize the intelligentization of daily inspections, the standardization of inspection methods, the dataization of equipment operation, the visualization of the operation of key fire protection parts, the timely alarm data of key fire protection units, and the systematization of fire safety knowledge training.

The maintenance and daily inspection of fire fighting equipment are the basis of smart fire protection construction. Through civil air defense + technical defense, the level of safety management can be improved and the hidden danger of fire can be reduced. RFID technology will be an important cornerstone of this infrastructure, making the daily management of fire equipment more efficient and simpler.

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