Application of Library Archives Management Based on RFID Technology

RFID book file management application content

The application content of RFID book file management includes: book borrowing and returning, quick inventory, search, and arranging books in disorder, which has been plaguing the management and staff of the library. Through the construction of the library's RFID system, the borrowing process of readers will be simplified, the circulation efficiency will be improved, the workload of book inventory and search will be greatly reduced, the library staff will be liberated from the complicated repetitive work, and the library will be more effectively and targeted. Carry out personalized service for readers and improve the service quality of the library.

RFID book management includes: RFID tags (file tags), RFID UHF handheld devices, RFID channel access control, RFID mobile workbenches, etc. A book file management system based on RFID technology.

RFID book file management application process

1. Book inventory:

When a new book enters the library, the first thing to do is to paste the RFID electronic tag on the book. The data information is written into the electronic tag using the RFID tag conversion device.

2. Book shelves:

For a new book with an electronic label attached, use the cart-type RFID mobile inventory system to scan the book, and the system will automatically locate the bookshelf on the map where the book should be stored, and then push the book to the designated bookshelf and put it on the shelf. Using the cart-type mobile inventory system, the bookshelves can be scanned one by one, and the system will automatically pick out the wrong books and mark the correct position.

3. Real-time inventory:

When the staff takes inventory of library books, they can use the RFID mobile inventory system or the handheld inventory system to scan all the bookshelves that need to be counted, and then the data can be entered into the database through wireless network transmission to complete the inventory, which can save a lot of manpower. , material resources.

4. Security access control:

When the books that have not gone through the borrowing procedures pass through the security gate, the system will automatically alarm with sound and light to prevent the books from being taken out. RFID channel access control supports online and offline two working modes, the system is safer and more reliable.

RFID book file management application advantages

1. Simplify work procedures and reduce the loss rate of books.

The use of electronic labels eliminates the need to paste magnetic strips, saves a book processing process, and saves magnetization and degaussing in the circulation work. Electronic labels not only store the identification information of book therapy, but also contain safety information. The label security information of the normal borrowed books can be automatically written as a normal state, otherwise it is another state. When the reader detects a book in a non-borrowed state at a specific exit, the RFID system will automatically alarm.

2. Easy to read.

The electronic label can be pasted on the cover of the book or other parts in the book, and it is not necessary to open the book when reading the data, and it is not necessary to use a barcode scanner to align the barcode on each book, scan it one by one, and go through the lending procedures. Books and returning books can even be carried out through the school bag, and the information is concise and convenient. The identification distance can be 20cm-30cm for short distances, and 1.2m-1.6m for far distances. With different types and equipment, the effective identification distance can also be increased.

3. Fast recognition speed.

Once the electronic tag enters the range of the antenna, the RFID reader can read the information in it in real time, and can process multiple tags and books at the same time. The reader only needs to hold a dozen books and pass the detection range at one time. After going through the book borrowing procedures, readers can use the book return box equipped with a radio frequency reader to return the book. Just put the book from the book return port, and the book title, borrower, return date and other information can be displayed for returning the book. confirmed on the spot.

The Influence of RFID Book Archives Management Application

With the continuous advancement of the times, the book management scheme based on RFID technology will realize the organic combination of advanced RFID technology and book management methods, and realize self-service borrowing and returning of libraries, book inventory, book shelf, book retrieval, and book anti-theft. , loan card management, library card issuance, collection information statistics and other functions. It provides readers with more convenient and efficient services such as book borrowing and returning, inquiries and other intelligent services, which greatly improves the management method of the library, improves work efficiency, and reduces the labor intensity of managers.

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