The Application of Indoor Location in Intelligent Medical Care

Project description:

With the development of mobile Internet, medical services gradually began to join the camp which is wisdom of the construction, O2O intelligent sub-diagnosis, medical electricity, telemedicine, hospital information construction and so on.They are accelerating the medical industry, Internet and even networking. In the current hospital's existing medical system, how can the mobile device track the dispatch, how the medical staff will be intelligent supervision, how to monitor the patients in real time, how patients and their families find their own medical clinics and wards, and so on. People are starting to pay attention to these questions.

It is not difficult to find the root cause of the above-mentioned various pain points, that is, the problem of the location of people and things has not been solved. As the vertical extension of the outdoor positioning service, the domestic indoor positioning technology has been installed for a long time, since the emergence of iBeacon protocol, the indoor positioning navigation technology based on low-power Bluetooth is ushering the development of the spring, and penetrate into the major indoor scene , and gave birth to a series of indoor positioning solutions. In order to make the indoor location of the connection becomes more simple, Chile Stone Technology launched an indoor positioning open platform, focusing on the major scenes to provide accurate location awareness services.

In the special scene of the hospital, the application of indoor positioning technology can solve the following problems:

Equipment management


In the rfid base station, the fixed assets which is deployed rfid positioning tag can be real-time positioning tracking, when taking emergency rescue measures, according to the equipment location information on the system backstage , it can deploy materials immediately, it can integrate medical resources efficiently, Rapid patient care. In addition, the hospital manager can set the safe area for the corresponding medical equipment, once the assets detach from the monitoring range, the system can promptly alert to inform the administrator to prevent loss.

Personnel management


In addition to intelligent location management of the device, meanwhile, it can set up safe area for severe patients and children who wear the bracelet, and record their health data to provide data reference for the treatment process. If the guardian leaves the safe range, the system will promptly send an alarm signal to inform the manager to give timely relief. More than that, the indoor positioning navigation system can also monitor the work of health care workers, according to the staff’s real-time location, the system automatically statistics on duty time, abnormal departure trajectory, and as a work assessment reference indicators.

Patient consultation

In the treatment, the patient can achieve hospital indoor navigation through the mobile phone, a key search clinic and ward, three-dimensional map cross-floor voice guidance, reach to the destination quickly. This indoor navigation service can reduce patient time loss and improve treatment efficiency. And the hospital management can monitor the flow in each time, and  adjust the medical work dynamically to achieve the optimal allocation of resources according to the number of visits.

The ultimate goal of intelligent medical care is to connect medical resources and patients,to provide efficient services between doctors and patients. The indoor positioning technology to achieve this basic connection interaction, in addition to providing intelligent navigation and monitoring for doctors and patients, but also save a variety of monitoring and management costs.

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