RFID management forces material management system solutions - guns

1.Project background

Over the years, in the face of tens of thousands of military supplies to send and receive, only by the keepers“Mouth, hands, mental arithmetic”Slow speed, error rate is higher, supplies distribution inventory, especially in the field condition, more difficult to material management.Therefore, to solve the modern war are high and storehouses existing security measure lagging contradiction become the material management to be solved.

Current NATO in order to change the status of the goods and materials management, using the radio frequency electronic tag technology supplies equipment to send and receive management implementation, greatly improve the efficiency and quality of material management.And electronic tag has the following advantages and characteristic.

1.Long-term preservation, non-contact, speaking, reading and writing data

2.Multiple synchronous identification tags

3.Reading and writing than a magnetic stripe, bar code and other simple way

4.To multiple data encryption, data more secure

5.Variety of encapsulation way, convenient embedded or paste on objects

6.Waterproof, antimagnetic, high and low temperature resistance, can be bent, adapt to the work environment and working conditions

Therefore, Rf electronic label application, will improve our work efficiency of material management, strengthens the military supplies the convenience and accuracy of daily management and in the field under the condition of rapid reaction ability, laid the foundation for material support visualization management.

At the same time because of the gun is related to social stability and management of guns is particularly important.Some developed countries for gun control guns management making rules and regulations and measures.But for various reasons, the current gun control still exist many problems, if there is a stolen gun guns, will bring serious influence to troops and social and irreparable loss.

2.The system design description

2.1 Plan to introduce

Using smart gun control systemRFIDRadio frequency (rf) technology to realize automatic identification of guns, monitoring and information management system.The system provides automatic identification ofguns loading and unloading, inventory of guns, the network authorization to open the door, the intelligent management of digital platform, can effectively and intelligently on guns in and out of the gun library automatic identification, collection and record, and maintenance information for gun quick query, statistics, so as to realize the information management of guns, from inventory to use process for effective management, greatly improving the efficiency of the unit. The RFID application of military guns to speed up the army information construction, to ensure the safety of guns has far-reaching significance.

3.the system features

This system USESRFIDTechniques to realize automatic guns recognition, automatic acquisition data, gun virtual status display, through the background24Hours monitoring software for data acquisition and processing.

When there is a staff need to enter the gun library, need to related management department's authorization to open the electronic lock, personnel for release.When there is a gun into the magnetic field induction zone, the system will automatically record the information of guns, and to determine whether the gun legal access, if not legally, the system will alarm.

3.1 Excellent performance

High reliability:99.99%Recognition rate, so long as installed on guns have special electronic label (label damaged except), can be installed in the doorRFID read-write deviceAutomatic identification.

Identification tag number at the same time: every reader can identify at the same time200More than a label information.

Identify the high stability: the reader can be7 * 24Hours non-stop work, don't crash.

Faster recognition: maximum recognition speed200km/Hours of the movement of the tag.

3.2, convenient and widely used

Can the existing network(Ethernet)Implemented on data transmission, the system implementation is convenient, low demands on the scene environment.

3.3And high security, stability

RFIDElectronic tagsHas the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, prevent oil.

High resistance to dry approach, strong adaptability to environment.

Using passive electronic tags, low cost, free maintenance, use safety.

4.system function

Smart gun control system can automatically record the number of guns, automatic recording for ins and outs of guns, guns using single examination and approval, the network remote authorized unlocked, guns inventory information query and print guns in and out of the records and archives of guns.Alarm and record of illegal access to guns.

Part of the system functions:

4.1 Grass-roots organs of gun control system

4.1.1 Basic data function

Record and maintain the information of guns, gun gun library information.

4.1.2 The gunsRFID initialization function

The corresponding record gunsRFIDLabel information, the number of guns, guns and the like.

4.1.3 The gun out it into the function

Record and maintain the gun using single information.Including guns loan also in time, the applicant, for information.

4.1.4 Query function

Query the guns are used loan records, status and other information

4.2 The superior organ gun control system

2 Inventory function of guns

Can view the inventory status of guns, and the use of guns and maintenance record.

4.2.2 In and out of the statistics

You can view any guns in and out of the record.

holdings Documents of examination and approval function

Can use a single report for examination and approval organ at the grass-roots level of gun, gun library for network authorization to open the lock.

4.2.4 Real-time monitoring function

system24Hours monitor gun gun library information, if any illegal guns moving, the system will record the information of guns, and report to the police.

4.2.5 Emergency unlock function

System to provide in an emergency situation, realize the gun library directly open the lock.

4.3Background service system

24Hours system monitoring, data acquisition, and other functions.

5. the system interface:

5.1The software system interface

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