RFID Automotive  weighing system solutions:

Large-scale energy-consuming enterprises, mines, warehouses every day a large number of material transport vehicles out of the need for parking, registration, weighing and other procedures by the operator manual data entry into the computer, not only time-consuming and error rate, in addition easy Breeding people for fraud, to the enterprise caused a lot of economic losses.

Vehicle Management RFID weighing system can effectively solve the above shortcomings of traditional weighing methods, vehicles to be measured carry "electronic license plate" - that is, radio frequency tag (TAG), vehicle weighing scale, special reading equipment will automatically identify the electronic License plate. And the electronic license plate can not be removed once installed (to solve the "cloning car" problem). Electronic license plate into the scale mark to solve the "repeated weighing scale" problem. Dedicated reader can be integrated with the original weighing system for a complete system to achieve automatic measurement, automatic vehicle number recognition integration, completely avoid manual operation, high efficiency.

System Features:

1. All over-weight vehicles are automatically recorded by the computer "electronic license plate", eliminating the need for human intervention

2. Electronic license plate can not be removed once installed.

3. Electronic license plate data can not be forged or copied, basically eliminating the duplication, fake, cheating phenomenon.

4. Dedicated electronic license plate to withstand humidity, cold, hot and harsh environments such as the test.

5. "Electronic license plate" using passive technology, long service life, no maintenance.

6. Fully guaranteed reading distance; recognition distance of 7 meters or more, to adapt to the speed up to 80km / h.

Customs electronic gate automatic nuclear release RFID solution:

Customs and Excise Department are the bridges and ties connecting the territory with the outside world. The large daily traffic volume on the gate of the Customs is likely to cause blockage of the gate and affect the efficiency of customs clearance, which brings troubles to the customs administration.

The electronic gate of the customs will automatically release the RFID system, which is composed of remote reader and tamper tag, which can automatically identify and record the vehicles and drivers. It can integrate with customs electronic system and EDI electronic customs information platform. The information on the declaration and the driver, vehicle information automatically check, eliminating manual handling records, examination, inspection and other procedures, a substantial increase in the speed of customs clearance.


System design goals:

1. The establishment of smart bayonet system, installed lane signal electronic lever release control indication system, the driver RFDI electronic tag vehicle management subsystem, weighbridge data acquisition subsystems and electronic bayonet data real-time processing system. All-round regulation of vehicles entering and leaving the port area to provide effective electronic data support for the classification of vehicles.

2. The installation of lane lights and electronic gear lever system, by receiving bayonet management system than the command to control the baffle lift, as well as traffic lights, to indicate the purpose of vehicle release.

3. Install the RFDI tag driver's vehicle management subsystem to issue driver's electronic tagging card to the vehicles entering the port area, pre-register the vehicle and driver's basic information, read the data at the bayonet mount and at the same time compare with the system .

4. Install weighbridge RFDI read and write data acquisition system, the vehicle access to the bayonet weighing data collection, calculate the weight of the goods into the port

5. Through electronic card data real-time processing system, all the bayonet equipment integration, and customs control business system for data exchange.

system framework:

Container channel management system includes: electronic license plate automatic identification system, traffic lights electronic gear lever control system, weighbridge data acquisition system, bayonet integrated management system. System block diagram is as follows:

System components:

RFID RFID Tag (VT-82 / VT-97)

2.RFID fixed reader (VF-946)

3.RFID antenna (VA-9121)

4.RFID handheld reader (VH-75)

5.RFID card issuer (VD-67)

6.VANCH RFID electronic gate management software

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