【Product recommendation】Industrial rfid reader VF-747P

【Product Features】

1. Protocol support: support Wanquan VUP protocol, support ModbusTCP, ModbusRTU protocol, support TCP/UDP protocol;

2. Communication method: support 100M network port communication, WiFi\4G (optional), support 232/485 communication, support Wiegand communication;

3. Communication interface (GPIO logic control): 4-way output control (support DC24V/2A, AC124V/2A), 2-way input control;

4. Antenna interface: support 4-way RFID external SMA antenna interface; independent WIFI and 4G antenna interface (WiFi/4G optional);

5. Temperature protection: temperature compensation function is supported in extremely cold regions (optional);

6. Working reminder: Multiple LEDs adopt different blinking states and different buzzer sounding modes to facilitate users to control the working status of the product.

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