Vanch UHF automatic meeting sign system

The traditional manual check-in method checks the attendees through security, verifies according to the information provided by the participants, low efficiency and is not convenient for automatic statistics. Artificial subjectivity is relatively strong, recognition is not accurate. Intelligent open-ended conference sign-up system base on RFID technology is to allow participants to wear a wireless badge (RFID radio label), regardless of the participants go through which conference entrance, when staff who wear wireless badge go through the channel, no active credit card, it can be achieved automatically check-in, it will timely warning when staff go through without card. Then achieve the participants of the automatic sign, staff’s information will be displayed automatically , sign the information statistics and other functions.

● automatically identify the sign, to avoid crowding

Automatically identify the attendees who wear the identification card, no need to stay there, it making the sign is simple, fast, intelligent. The rate of reading card up to 40-50 / sec, to ensure that the participants quickly go through, the system is stable, reliable and effective to avoid the traditional crowdedphenomenon of hand-signed and credit card signed.

● Check the identity of the participants to ensure the safety of the meeting

Channel with the image linkage function, monitor person who enter the channel, real-time take staff’s photos when enter channel, staff compare the photo with previous people’s photo that saved in the system, determine people’s identify is legal or not, when illegal entry, the system will   alarm via sound and lightautomatically.

● Automatic identification of personnel in and out of the direction

Through the infrared, can achieve the judgement of direction of personnel access, to provide more accurate data for the manager.

● Real-time upload data, network data sharing

Check in and check out the data can be uploaded to the data center in real time, so that managers can view real-time. When multiple conference entries are available, data can be shared.

● easy to install, easy to use, stable operation

System installation is convenient, fast, can be installed in a short time, simple operation, easy to use. Can be applied to people-intensive, complex environment, and support 24 hours of uninterrupted work, to ensure that the system is normal, stable and efficient operation. When the network fails, the channel device can be realized off-line.

● welcome information on large screen , conference organization more humane

the welcome message will be displayed for each participant when they go through, the conference organization is more humane.

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