VANCH game timing system is the most accurate and sensitive on the market and one of the most convenient UHF RFID time system at present, it has advanced software and hardware design, good experience for the organizers of the event and athletes, the cheaper UHF RFID chips, suit for the number of thousands of large events, and chip can be repeated use.

The timing of the host to read and write device technology use impinj America company , the best and sensitive RFID read. the host embedded industrial control computer, to ensure the most accurate and most sensitive timing effect.Each time a socket connection timing carpet antenna can be read in a second 450 timer chip (athletes).Installation is simple and easy to move, you just need to link up the four or eight mat;And connect to the VANCHtiming on the mainframe,then you can use now!

1. The advantage of RFID sports timing

-Without human intervention, automatic statistics, accurate timing, ensure fairness;

-RFID tags have been used widely, the price is cheap, each tag ID is uniqueness;

-Some tags can be repeated use, promote sustainable development of the circular spirit;

-300 athletes label information can read per second;

-Athletes can wear two same number of labels, read rate can be improved;

-Built-in 40 AH repeatable charging and discharging lithium batteries for devices of continuous use for more than 10 hours;

-Software easy to operate, can immediately know the athletes' performance after the game;

-Ordinary circular runway game anti-cheating, can statistical laps;

Product introduction:

1, V - RTS2000 sports timing system

Timing system is designed for marathon,and design and development a set for precise timing, auxiliary system of simple and practical.System is divided into four most: management software, timing host, antenna, and tags.

2, sports timing system host

High performance sports timing system host setRFID read-write device, industrial control computer, display screen and large capacity lithium battery.Timing system host has two USB port, you can extend the WIFI, 4G and GPS module ect.. they can be applied to all kinds of weather and environment of competition.Timing system host optional 4 antenna interface (model: WV-RTS2000-04) and eight antenna interface (model: V-RTS2000-08), eight antenna interface after eight carpet covering 8 m wide range., speaking, reading and writing by Impinj company's R420, speaking, reading and writing, is recognized around the world for maximum intensive reading card and receive the highest sensitivity, speaking, reading and writing.


3, Mat antenna

Sports timing system configuration by the Mat antenna, it is a very important part of the whole system, the antenna must be thin, soft, abrasion resistance pressing;To identify the athletes wear label, precise control before and after the reading distance and height and range.

Carpet antenna using integrated design, have waterproof function, has installed on both ends bite teeth, convenient installation is fixed, the antenna is placed on the runway, don't need a bracket.Because of its special structural design, can meet the various needs of track events.Mat antenna thinner, before and after buffer radian, the runner or cyclist feel more comfortable.

4, planar antenna

In monitoring along the triathlon, marathons, road cycling and other project use mat antenna is not the right time, you need to choose tabular antenna installation, planar antenna available triangle brace placed on both ends of the circuit, flexible in location, can be placed in to read the best position.

5, athletes label

Athletes label now has a lot of kinds, recyclable and suitable for waterproof labels to contact the water sports.Tag can also use a belt tied to the athletes' feet bare or on your number (international), especially suitable for swimming, triathlon and outdoor adventure games.Because of its low price, each player can carry two identical chip at the same time, so the cost is not high also improve the quality of the timing, label the diagram below sample:

5.1, disposable, can be printed, sneakers tags

One-off shoes with the tag, can use RFID printer to print a simple graphic symbol and text.

5.2. Active2.4G active tags

Active 2.45 G recyclable timing tags, with reading distance, strong anti-interference, read the success rate of one hundred percent

But, the cost of passive RFID tag cost is much higher.

5.3, number cloth label

Passive RFID tags can't be directly to skin, otherwise has influence to the rate of RFID reader, which is determined by the physical electromagnetic characteristics of RFID, liquid absorption and shielding with the metal of the RFID radio frequency signal.So our number cloth label with a layer of special adsorption materials do for dealing with isolation, guarantee the number cloth tag read success rate.


5.4 wristbands, silicone labels

Silicone wristbands RFID tag that can reclaim, wear comfortable, can wear on the wrist or ankle, did see disruptive processing products, ensure that read the success rate of hundred.


5.5Bicycle numbertag

Use waterproof, prevent tearing paper printing, logo, RFID tag number easier to read.

6, game software timer software (V-RTS2015)

V-RTS2015 tag data was obtained from the time the host software, and can provide the results of the competition.

The main function

-Bulk import athlete information, event information, automatic RFID chips

-Athletes can different groups, mutual interference between different groups

-Real-time refresh real athletes performance.

-Performance athletes can be exported directly.

7, sports timing system applied in various fields:

7.1, the school students' physical training, suitable for medium schools, professional sports colleges and universities

Using RFID sports timing system, changed the traditional way of the teacher on the test, students follow a stopwatch this way low efficiency, poor timing accuracy, poor training interest, teacher strength, etc.

And the use of advanced RFID training system of sports timing, can change the above drawbacks in traditional way, make the student test scores form database, real, facilitate analysis, so as to establish a more scientific training test mode, at the same time reduce the intensity of work on the training teachers in running, have more time mentoring other exercise test.

7.2 standard, army and law enforcement departments of physical training

In the military and law enforcement, military, law enforcement personnel's physical quality is an important evaluation index, once the physical can not up to standard will phase out, to enhance scientific management of strong military, law enforcement personnel in peacetime training, RFID timing system will be the best choice for sports training, he can guarantee in the case of without outside interference, to make scientific statistical analysis results of testing personnel, and keep a large amount of data, available for analysis, so as to make a more scientific way of physical training.

7.3, professional athletic sports (football team, basketball team and swimming team, etc.) physical training to use

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