1. Background

Clothing products is a fashion product, sales season, sales location, the taste of consumers grade, fashion trends, product prices and many other factors will affect the product sales. Therefore, the real-time tracking of the sales situation, the garment industry is very important management content. Shenzhen Wanquan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. based on the actual, for the garment industry to create a RFID / bar code data acquisition and management system, which uses mobile solutions, through the RFID / bar code recognition system in the stores and stores for storage, store inventory and other real-time Data collection, through GPRS (using 3g after the transfer speed is more smooth) and the headquarters to achieve timely information sharing and communication, to solve the garment industry in the warehouse management and supply chain management problems.

2. System Features

1) Sales statistics: daily sales of daily statistics, for the enterprise sales department is very important, it requires the fastest speed to get accurate results. Sales statistics include: according to style statistics, according to color statistics, according to the location statistics, according to size statistics, through GPRS to send data to help the sales department timely picking, replenishment.


2) Counter sales automation: the use of RFID tags / bar code data acquisition device can be realized in the cabinet collection of information collection capabilities, and to complete sales, returns, counter inventory, inventory, collection and other sales automation operations; The day of statistical reports, sent to the headquarters or local offices for sales analysis.

3) Short in size sales analysis: in different locations selling different varieties, different sizes of demand will not be the same, need to timely replenishment when short in code. Can be sold through statistical analysis to improve the expected to produce short in size, in order to notify the timely replenishment.


4) Between the counter allocation: sales in different locations are not the same situation, through the allocation of different counters to speed up the flow of varieties, the maximum expansion of the number of sales. Some varieties are not well sold on some counters, but for a place (or a counter), it will become a good seller. This can effectively reduce the number of unpaid varieties of counters.

5) Return control: In the market competition, the manufacturers are improving the quality of service, are allowed to return customers. Through the return of statistical analysis, you can accurately identify product quality problems, accountability departments, responsible units and responsible persons.

6) Counter inventory and find goods: counter inventory and find the goods for each monopoly cabinet, is a very cumbersome, error-prone work. The use of hand-held reader or data collector can be very easy to achieve the counter inventory and find goods, improve work efficiency, will not produce any inventory errors (especially the use of single-coded single), inventory results can be quickly sent to the higher unit.


7) Shopping malls reconciliation: the general monopoly to sell the goods are unified by the mall collection, and the mall reconciliation, collection is a month to make business accounting staff headaches. Use the sales automation system, the data collection in the daily sales records, automatically correspond to the various accounts of the mall, so that reconciliation work at a glance.

8) The best-selling products and good news dynamic statistics: According to all customers on a product of concern and goodwill, and then according to sales conditions for real-time tracking, you can build a mathematical model, analysis of consumer preferences, better sales.

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