About us

Work with one heart Do our level best

The whole world has been quickly entering the mobile Internet, Internet of Things. It is increasingly profound changes in our industry and life. Every day, thousands of people around the world use VANCH's products, and in the best way to improve their work and living space, their satisfaction is our greatest success.
We believe that VANCH will bring you more perfect service and support.

Quality policy

Among the world of all things connected, VANCH products become indispensable.
VANCH will be a happy company.

Our Mission:
All things are interconnected to make value shared

The Interpretation of Enterprise’s Core Values
Dream -To be a dream company, we work with our dream. We achieve dreams of the team and individuals.
Warm - Make our company to be everybody’s second home, feeling safety, fraternity, happiness and respect of home.
Enterprise - Constantly strive to become stronger, following the evolution of heaven and earth, strive ourselves improved, strong and firm, working hard and never stop.
Responsibility - Know obtaining and returning, when team and individual obtain benefit, we should undertake returning to society.

Quality Principle:
Inspiring customer by innovative thinking ----We insist on technical innovation, ensure to invest more fund on research and development, leading the industry trend by innovation.
Reassuring customer by professional manufacturing---We insist on professional manufacturing, being strict on quality system, to obtain customer’s trust by quality.
Relieving customer by high grade service--- We insist on customer priority, providing high quality service and working hard for 100% satisfaction.
Attracting customer by good reputation----We insist on reputation first, keeping business credibility and making “VANCH Intelligent” to be an excellent brand.

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