About us


The world is rapidly stepping into the era of Internet of Everything, Digitalization, and Artificial Intelligence, which is profoundly changing our industry and life. Everyday, tens of thousands of people around the world are using VANCH products, and beautify their work and living spaces by the best way. Their satisfaction is our greatest success. We are sure that tomorrow Vanch will bring you improved service and support!

Our slogan:

1. Unite as one, Give it your all!

2. All things connected, new wisdom, new value!

3, Vanch, the wise choice for RFID products!

4. Well service, trust in achievements!

Operation strategy

Our mission:

Promote the RFID technology applications, realize intelligent data collection, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and create benefits for users.

Our vision:

Become a global leader in radio frequency (RFID) identification products and solution services!

Our perspective:

Dream - - Become a company with dreams, everyone will work with dreams, and achieve business and personal dreams.

Warmth - - Become a company to be everyone's second family, make members feel the safety, love, happiness and respect of the home.

Security: Use fair, just and open system to ensure everyone’s interests, and encourage innovation, diligence and responsibility to get rich first.
Friendship: Use honesty, sincerity, and empathy to build relationships with everyone.
Happiness: Create good material and spiritual living conditions for everyone on the premise of ensuring company safe operation.
Respect: Respect and understand everyone's values, and thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Enterprising - - Heaven walks strong, gentlemen constantly strive for self-improvement, fortitude and determination, hard work, never stop;

Responsibility - - Know how to get and return. Enterprises and individuals also get the corresponding returns within their ability.

Operation strategy:

Encourage customers with innovative thinking -Vanch adheres to technological innovation, strives to ensure investment in research and development, and leads the industry trend with innovation.

Reassuring customers with professional manufacturing -Vanch adheres to professional manufacturing, strict quality system, and wins customers' trust with quality.

Attentive service to reassure customers -Vanch insists on customers first, provides timely services, and strives for 100% customer satisfaction.

Encourage customers with excellent reputation -Vanch adheres to credibility first, abide by the integrity of business and integrity, and build Vanch to be outstanding brand.

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