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Quality Control

Company has QC department, the key posts of QC department are: ISO specialist, QA engineer, QE engineer, DNA specialist, metering equipment manager, QC team of other branches.

ISO specialist: establish, carry out and maintain the quality control system, responsible for the effective functioning of the whole company’s quality management system, organize and implement the quality management system activities in various stages. And be responsible for the work of 3C product certification.

QA Engineers: Standardize the quality control programs of key products and projects; transportation of the important project and construction quality inspection, analysis; the quality of the production process of the preparation, auditing, controlling; Receiving the quality feedback and follow up; QA engineers are responsible for establishing the quality statistical system, set the quality statistical data collection point and time, analysis the data statistically which can be a basis for quality improvement easily.

QE Engineer: QE engineer formulate the quality inspection standards and documents related to quality; Analysis the producing process quality problems and promote the improvement measures; Deal with customer’s complaints and make improvement measures; Analysis the quality of sample, testing, control; Improve and manage the quality of other cooperate factories.; Deal with the feedback of quality information.

Metering equipment Administrator: Establish sub-metering equipment management system which is accord with company’s development, and insure it could be operated effectively, implement the calibration and testing of the school equipments, also be responsible for organization and implementation of external calibration line.

QC Team: QC team is responsible for inspecting the incoming material, statistics (ICQ); Implement the inspection of producing process (IPQC); Quality inspection and management of finished products (FQC); Coordinate hand handle quality problems in producing process; Submit a complete and real test records and reports; Carry out and help to improve the inspection standards.

QC in other branch factories & Team Responsibilities

Assurance responsibility: i.e., to maintain a strict standard, ensure the quality of products meet the relevant requirements and needs. With quality inspection to ensure that raw materials which do not meet the requirements will not get into the warehouse; prevent the circulation of failed semi-finished products, failed product don’t leave factory

Prevention responsibility: there are 3 tasks to do: Submit qualified components for next process; Provide evidence for quality; Give subject to quality management activities.

Reporting responsibility: Record, analysis, evaluates obtained inspection data and report to superior or relevant department.

Quality control chart

Experiment & Detestability

At present, all conventional environmental experiments, safety experiments and EMS experiments can be done in company in addition to EMI experiments EMI experiments require specialized laboratory testing.

With the protection of equipment, in the R & D process, we take rigorous experimental testing for R & D material selection, semi-finished products and finished products, to ensure the reliability of our products works in various environments.

Electrical testing: noise testing, waterproof testing, high and low working temperature testing, storage and transportation testing.

EMS experiment projects: static experiment, burst experiment, surge experiments.

Other experiment projects: push/tensile experiment, button life span experiment, drop experiment, vibration experiment, sprayed pictures adhesion experiment.

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