Name:VF-800W Face recognition smart terminal

VF-800W intelligent terminal is a convenient and safe visual face recognition terminal. Based on Questyle deep learning face recognition algorithm, the product can be applied to traffic scenarios in smart communities, access control channels, face attendance, hotels, office buildings, schools, shopping malls and other places, helping to achieve intelligent security control.
  • VF-800W Face recognition smart terminal
  • VF-800W Face recognition smart terminal
  • VF-800W Face recognition smart terminal
  • VF-800W Face recognition smart terminal
Product features

(1)Support binocular live detection

(2)Support for face tracking exposure of people movement in strong backlight environment

(3)Questyle algorithm, under 2W face database, live body detection + face recognition time is less than 0.2 seconds

(4)CPU adopts Hisilicon 3516DV300

(5)Run Linux system, the system is stable

(6)Working temperature: -30℃~60℃

(7)IP65 dustproof and waterproof

(8)Rich hardware interface (RS485, Wiegand, RJ45)

(9)8 inch IPS screen, resolution 800*1280

(10)The main functions are IC card unlocking, face recognition unlocking, QR code unlocking, etc.

Specifications Product details
Hardware specification
Operating System
Pixel:200W pixel, HD anti-backlight
Display Screen

8 inch,  HD LCD

Temperature measurement module
32x24 Matrix non-contact temperature measurement
Working environment
Recognition algorithm
Recognition rate
Live detection

Can resist mobile phone photos/videos, computer photos/videos, printed black and white/color photos and other non-living attacks

Recognition speed
Personnel management
Face library
50000 local face library
Personnel management
Add, delete, modify, check
Recognition mode
Face recognition, authentication comparison, body temperature detection, IC/ID card recognition
Body temperature monitoring
Measurement distance
Measurement accuracy
Fever alarm

When the temperature of the detected human body exceeds 37.3℃ (adjustable), an alarm is issued

Support the expansion of 4G module in the whole network (optional)

Support WIFI connection, BT optional

Wired network port
Support RJ45
Face recognition
Local database comparison, real-time upload of comparison logs
Access control
Based on the result of face recognition or person ID comparison, control personnel access control, or remote control

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