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Express Logistics RFID Management

At present, there are not many means of managing the security of the food supply chain, and traditional methods cannot realize traceability management, and bar code technology is used in certain food industries for security traceability.

However, this method generally adopts manual methods to read the bar code at a close distance, which is unable to achieve real-time and rapid access to the quality information of a large number of food products, and also fails to provide a real-time record of the environmental information of the food products in the circulation link.


System Composition

RFID tags, read/write equipment, handheld terminals, self-service query terminals, etc.

System Advantages

1, RFID identity authentication technology to achieve food safety warning, origin, production, storage, transportation, sales, processing seamless traceability

2, Established a complete industrial chain of food safety control system

3, to ensure that the community to provide high-quality assured food

4, It can ensure the exchange of high quality data in the supply chain

Other Cases


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