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Livestock management project

The traditional manual recording and control method, relying on paper media to record and manage the information of animal breeding, transportation, processing and other aspects, is inefficient and inconvenient to query.

In order to solve the problem of data collection, marking and tracking from animal breeding, slaughtering, processing, warehousing, logistics and transportation and other harsh environments, it is necessary to establish an animal traceability information management system, which comprehensively applies the barcode identification, radio frequency identification (RFID) and other Internet of Things industry technologies, connects the collected data with each other through the communication network, carries out the exchange of information and communication, and implements the intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management, to realize the traceability information of each link of production, processing, transportation, circulation and retailing of animal food for identification, registration, supervision and preventive analysis.

Based on RFID technology, it establishes a unique identifiable ID identification code for each animal and records the identity information of the species in the tag. When feeding and managing the animals, just scan the animal tags through the mobile handheld terminal, you can quickly and batch obtain the information of the animals within the scanning range and upload it to the database for preservation, which is convenient and efficient. Afterwards, the information of each link of management and processing will also be collected and uploaded to the database system through the mobile handheld terminal, forming a complete product traceability system, realizing the whole process of quality monitoring of meat products "from pasture to table", helping to establish a perfect and traceable quality and safety system, and promoting the openness, transparency, greenness, and safety of the whole meat food production and processing process.


System Composition

Composed of RFID animal ear tag, reader, handheld terminal equipment, etc.

Advantages of the system

1. Improve the efficiency of recording work and reduce the error rate 2.

2. large data storage space, long retention period and ready to call up historical data.

3. Provides complete and accurate historical information traceability.

4. the safety of all food products, animal feed and feed ingredients can be ensured through effective control of the whole process from farm to fork.

5. systematically records and manages information on all aspects of animal feeding, transportation, processing, etc., with convenient query to help realize product traceability.

6. Promote the openness, transparency, greenness and safety of the whole growth and processing process of agricultural and animal husbandry products.


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