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[Wonderful review] The 15th International Internet of Things Exhibition·Shanghai Station, VANCH Intelligent achieved a complete success!



April 21-23, 2021, IOTE 2021 15th International Internet of Things Exhibition · Shanghai Station, VANCH Intelligent achieved a complete success!

VANCH Intelligent focus on the innovative R&D, production and sales of Internet of Things radio frequency (RFID) products and industry solutions, the exhibition showed customers smart libraries, smart industrial production lines, asset management, warehousing and logistics, transportation ports, vehicle personnel management, etc. RFID solutions and new products, Our solutions are closer to customer needs and applications, and the technology and process level of our products are constantly improving to reduce the cost of customer project integration. 

2020 China's most influential innovative products in the Internet of Things (RFID) industry 

(The second from the left in the picture )

At the IOTE·2021 18th RFID World Conference and "Star of Things" RFID Special Award Ceremony, the domestic multi-protocol industrial bus RFID reader VI-IR600 selected by VANCH Intelligent was rated as "2020 China Internet of Things (RFID) ) The most influential innovative products in the industry". 

01. Product features

1. Use localized intelligent equipment RFID readers to replace expensive imported European and American products;

2. Support European, American and Japanese industrial bus communication protocols and PLC integration;

3. VI-IR600 was born for industrial environment applications, for design, R&D and production;

4. It is the first choice for automatic production line, AGV car navigation, conveyor line, sorting line, cycle logistics, automated production line, mold management, auto parts assembly line, automatic warehouse and other fields.

02, product characteristics

(1) The appearance adopts industrial design, sturdy and durable, and meets the harsh industrial production line environment (electromagnetic interference, dust, waterproof, anti-dismantling, resistance up to -40°-70° environment, vibration, noise), waterproof and IP67 requirements, shockproof standards :Vibration EN 60 068-2-6; Lightning protection standard: Shock EN 60 068-2-27; Magnetic compatibility (EMC): EN 61000-6-3(2007)+A1(2011)/EN61000-6-2 (2005);

(2) Support electronic tags that comply with EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C standards;

(3) Support Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, ProfiNet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, CC-LINK protocol;

(4) Size: 125X120X50mm, power supply voltage: 18V-30VDC, communication interface: M12-4 hole connector, working temperature: -40°C~ +70°C, storage temperature: -40°C~+85°C;

(5) The development of man-machine interface can be carried out, and the communication between man-machine interface, PLC, and reader can communicate through PLC interaction;

(6) Working frequency 860-868MHZ, 902-928MHZ (can be adjusted according to the requirements of different countries or regions);

(7) The RF output power is adjustable, and the distance can be controlled between 30cm-200cm and arbitrarily set;

(8) Support multiple working modes such as active mode, command mode, and trigger mode;

(9) Card reader buzzer and LED status indication; support online firmware upgrade through communication interface;

(10) The software intelligently monitors the operating status of the work, and it runs within 24 hours X 365 days without crashing.

Wonderful review of the exhibition site

The effect of VANCH Intelligent booth was very strong. Our RFID fixed readers, industrial readers, channel readers, RFID handsets, RFID modules and other product technologies continued to improve. Exhibitors and guests received rave reviews and praises as well as the support and recognition of all customers! 

Our sales engineers and PLC engineers introduce products and project application scenarios in detail to customers. At the exhibition, we added an RFID industrial reader/writer display stand, AOA indoor high-precision positioning display, 2.4G+125K regional positioning display and asset management system software and other application displays, so as to provide customers with more application scenarios and better management for efficient, time-saving and worry-free! 

We will continue to promote the popularization of radio frequency (RFID) technology applications, realize intelligent data collection, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and create benefits for users as our mission! At the same time, thank you all customers for their continued support and trust!

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